Direction Of Referrals

Direction of referrals in Worcestershire. Including contact details, telephone numbers and email addresses

Referrer information guide

Information, in association with Operose and the CCG, about how/when to refer non urgent cases

Wet ARMD Form

The latest Wet ARMD form, created by
Dr Gardner at WRH

Hospital Addresses

Single page of hospital addresses in Worcestershire and the surrounding area.

Worcestershire Safeguarding

Safeguarding policy, contacts and numbers

Nutritional Supplements Prescribing Policy

Prescribing Policy

COVID-19 Urgent Eyecare Service (CUES) in Worcestershire

The CUES service will be running from June 25th. This is the service specification as published on the CoO website:

CUES Service Specification

Links To National Guides

Making Accurate Claims

Local DBS checks for optometrists, dispensing opticians and staff.

Use the link below…

The organisation is worcestershireloc and you need to apply as an ‘enhanced check’. There is some limited funding for this but it is restricted to local practices and practitioners.

Links to other organisations and bodies

Association of Optometrists

General Optical Council

LOC Support Unit