Waiting Times at local Hospitals

These times were correct when published on the internet at the beginning of the lockdown.

The NHS websites list the wait from referral to surgery at:

WHAT (Worcester Hospitals Acute Trust) as currently 25 weeks for 90% of patients  (This includes Worcester Royal, Kidderminster and The Alex in Redditch)

Gloucestershire acute hospitals (Cheltenham and Gloucester) as 24 weeks for 90% of patients

Hereford County Hospital 23 weeks for 90% of patients

NewMedica (Gloucester) currently 30 days for cataract, 2nd eye at 4 weeks after

BMI Droitwich from 2 weeks (it is the most variable and could be over 4 weeks).

The Birmingham wait times are available online for BMEC and Spa as on this link


Routine operations and non essential treatment have been discontinued during the COVID-19 crisis.